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Tai Chi Manchester

Tai Chi Manchester offers instructional classes, workshops and demonstrations in all aspects of Chen style Tai Chi and Qigong.


My name is Aamir Rafi, a practicing Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor working across Manchester and the North West of England. I am a certified genuine fifth level (Wu Duan) Tai Chi and Kung Fu instructor awarded by the Chinese Wushu Association (the official awarding body for Chinese martial arts). I am also certified as a fifth level instructor through the Chen Style Tai Chi Centre.

I am passionate about the internal arts and am dedicated to delivering an authentic Tai Chi and Qigong experience to all. Thank you for visiting Tai Chi Manchester and hope I can inspire you through your Tai Chi and Qigong journey like others have inspired me.


I am a senior indoor disciple of Master Liming Yue and have been studying under Grand Master Gou Kongjie since 2004.


I have also performed in the Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu shows in 2007 and 2008. During this time I had the privilege to learn from some of China's leading Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Shaolin Masters.


With a background in exercise and health sciences having completed my Bachelor of Science degree at The University of Salford, I have since worked in exercise referral programmes and in rehabilitation across Manchester.

My Classes

I teach regular classes across Manchester, everyone is welcome and there are classes suitable for all levels of fitness.

All classes run by myself are £7.00 per session, £12.00 for two sessions an evening (unless otherwise specified).


3.00 pm - 4.00 pm - Tai Chi for those living with or beyond cancer

Every Monday

Note, these sessions are free


Active Lifestyles Centre, Denmark Road, Hulme M15 6FG

Contact Mcmillan active Manchester on 0845 257 8845/07455 259 419

Tuesday & Thursday

6.10 pm - 7.00 pm - New Beginners 6 Week Intro to Tai Chi

Starts Tuesday 5th January until Thursday 11th February

Cost: £60 for 6 weeks (2 lessons per week) plus a free Instructional DVD

The 6 week course will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to utilise and embody this ancient practice Through the course you will learn:

  • Qigong breathing exercises
  • Silk reeling energy exercises
  • Tai Chi 8 form

Participants who complete all 12 lessons will receive a certificate of participation and are eligible to for Level 1 Grading.


Chen Tai Chi Centre, 2nd Floor, 46 George Street, China Town, Manchester, M1 4HF


[Note: the Wednesday Lao Jia and Qigong classes at Parrs Wood High School have been suspended. Please check back here regularly for an update.]


3.00 pm - 4.30 pm - San Da Kung Fu (All Levels)

Cost: £8.00


Tai Chi Centre, 2nd Floor, 46 George Street, China Town, Manchester, M1 4HF


I also teach for the Chen Style Tai Chi Centre on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday follow the link for class times and prices.



Tai Chi Beginners Classes

The beginner's classes concentrate on the basics, the health and relaxation aspects of Tai Chi and begin to introduce the Tai Chi 11 Form.

Tai Chi Silk Reeling and Standing Qigong (Beginners/All levels)

Silk reeling and Standing Qigong exercises are the foundations of Tai Chi practice and develop the health and relaxation aspects often associated with Tai Chi.

Tai Chi 11 Form (Beginners)

The Tai Chi 11 is a shortened form based on authentic Chen Tai Chi. The 11 form is short, easy to follow and easy to learn making it excellent for beginners.

Tai Chi 18 form (Beginners to intermediate)

The official shortened version of Chen Tai Chi. This form contains all the essential elements and can be learnt in a much shorter time.

Qigong (All Levels)

Qigong (pronounced Chi Gung) involves breathing exercises, gentle movements, meditation and light stretching to increase the flow of energy throughout the body. In the Qigong classes we teach 8 pieces of silk brocade, 5 animals, Yi Jin Jing and six healing sounds Qigong.

Old Frame (Lao Jia Yi Lu) (Beginners/Intermediate)

Lao Jia is considered by many to be the oldest form of Tai Chi. This routine consists of 74 movements and emphasises softness with an element of hardness.

83 Form (Xin Jia Yi Lu)

The 83 form consists of the soft, flowing graceful movements associated with Tai chi, twisting and spiraling, Fajing (explosive power), jumps, leaps and explosive movements. The form reflects the martial ability of Chen Style Tai chi.

Tai Chi Push Hands (All Levels)

This class focuses on Chen Tai Chi push hands exercises.

Tai Chi Wrestling (All levels)

The focus of this class is on the famous stand up grappling skills of Chen style Tai Chi.

Tai Chi Kung Fu Class (All Levels)

This class focuses on the Kung Fu (Martial) aspects of Tai Chi.

San Da Kung Fu/Chinese Kick Boxing (All Levels)

San Da also known as Sanshou literally means 'free fighting' or 'free hand'. San Da consists of kicking, punching, locking and throwing/grappling techniques. San Da techniques are efficient and practical emphasising realistic fighting application.

Tai Chi Weapons (Intermediate - Advanced)

Tai Chi weapons taught are the sword, Sabre, Pole, Spear, Halberd and Fan.


In the summer of 2010 I was invited to teach and study at the Chen Village Tai Chi Training Centre in Zhengzhou and Guangzhou in China. During this time I was fortunate to study intensively under Grand Master Chen Zhenglei his daughters Chen Juan and Chen Yuan. I also had the opportunity to study under Masters Zhang Dong Wu, Cheng Bao Rong and Wang Xiao Po.


I have entered numerous competitions and winning over 20 medals in Tai Chi push hands and forms. I have also coached a number of students for Tai Chi push hands and forms with great success.

“To anyone thinking of taking up tai chi or wishing to develop their skills to the highest level, I would and do recommend Aamir as a teacher. He provides a blend of modern and traditional teaching styles obtained in years of study, bringing the art into the modern age and expanding its accessibility to an ever wider audience.”
Christine Thomas

“The workshops are ideal for anyone who wants to refine and get deeper into their tai chi practice. Aamir is an inspirational teacher whose infectious enthusiasm and attention to detail inspire the class and make for a fun and relaxed atmosphere - the four hours fly by!”
John Andrew

Private Tuition and Workshops

I am available for one to one sessions in all aspects of Tai Chi, Qigong, San Da and Meditation. Private tuition is a great opportunity to progress quickly, gain a greater understanding or review any areas you wish to improve on.

In addition to regular classes I run workshops to explore the finer details to help deepen your understanding of the internal arts.

I am also available for taster sessions, seminars, short courses, talks and demonstrations for community, employee groups, Schools and corporate events.